Building the perfect team can be tough. But after putting a lot of time and effort into recruiting, it’s what comes next that truly counts. A solid onboarding program can help your new colleagues feel welcome and at ease, instead of having to figure out everything by themselves. By encouraging participation and going that extra mile during the first few weeks, loyalty and employee happiness will be the reward further down the line.

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Digital onboarding – what is it?

The term digital onboarding is originally coined for the process of getting users of software to engage with your product and for converting those users into happy, paying customers. More and more frequently though, the onboarding terminology is associated with the HR-discipline of integrating new employees into your organization.

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Remote Onboarding

Are you Hiring New Employees these weeks? – Here is Inspiration on how to Onboard New Employees in COVID times

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Onboarding | Experiences from the Danish Hospital Sector

Onboarding Group is currently conducting an industry study of onboarding in the Danish healthcare sector. Our preliminary study, carried out at one of Denmark's largest hospitals, has already shown that parts of the Danish hospital sector experience immense challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining new employees

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It matters where you start

Our research tells us that onboarding (both in how it´s executed and how it is being experienced) varies significantly within organizations - not only across organizations. Knowing about these organizational differences can be vital when designing onboarding.

The Method

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The psychology of onboarding: Part 1

Onboarding is a term that denotes the process a person goes through when starting a new job. Attention to onboarding is increasing and the phenomenon is slowly reaching a level of professionalism in line with disciplines such as recruitment, engagement, performance management, etc.

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The psychology of onboarding: Part 2

This article is the second of two. Where the first explored the onboarding process as a psychological phenomenon, this second article deals primarily with how to convert the insights of onboarding psychology into the practical design of onboarding processes.

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What is onboarding?

Organisations have always been doing it. Every organisation has an onboarding practice. But… not all are equally conscious about how they bring people onboard, and not all have invested equally in their onboarding design, content or practice.