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Onboard and manage people, ensure they are happy, stay for a long time and deliver great results

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Our platform helps you optimize onboarding and people management to create better results, cultivate leadership, and build a thriving organization. And it’s proven to work.


Get insights

  • Check performance, current status, and progress in the overall score
  • Compare how departments and divisions, employees and teams rank
  • Measure by length of employment, compare gender, age group, and dimensions across departments
  • Review data to create and optimize your programs for different parts of your organization


Build and launch programs

  • Create best practice employee management programs in just a few clicks
  • Select from 100+ tried and tested activities
  • Tailor programs using your own wording, photos, videos, and activities
  • Create programs for different parts of your organization
  • Collaborate with managers to create programs and get feedback from your organization


Track improvement, get alerts and on-going dialogue

  • Improve internal communications with our Digital Dialogue report
  • Improve People Management across 6 dimensions and multiple time touchpoints
  • Automated sending and follow up of surveys and dialogue reports
  • Alerts of high and low scores to identify potential initiatives
  • Live analytics and feedback of your onboarding, People Progress, and KPI's
  • Run multiple programs across your organization

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