Stay close to your employees on their journey

Keep in touch with your employees as they journey through your company - and choose a way of tracking their experiences.

Check your dashboard

Access intelligent live analytics from all the current journeys across your organization

The tracking function provides you with live data about all the employees who are currently pre-boarding, onboarding, cross-boarding, etc. and offers advice about where to focus.

Use the assistant

A digital assistant stays in touch with your employees on their journey

The tracking function is built around a digital personal assistant who can push information to the employees, activate their own resources and ask for their feedback.

Get alerts

Receive a warning if one of your employees is not thriving

The tracking function holds a warning systems where feedback from the employee triggers alerts if the input indicates signs of trouble on the journey.

Let's talk

Inspire your organization to have more and better dialogues about the employee experience

The tracking function can be used to support dialogues between employees and their managers or colleagues - based on data and professional templates.

Don't get out of touch

Track the lives of your employees - no matter how long they have been with you

The tracking function is adapted to collect data and push communication to all stages of the employee-journey - from onboarding to offboarding.

The solution contributes to ramping up people's performance across our different offices and also enhances employee retention by keeping a helicopter overview of the employee satisfaction and being able to dive deep into the key areas of improvement….HR has been able to facilitate that managers engage in a more consistent way with their employees through a structured and continuous dialogue, using a framework that is adopted across all our teams

Gitte Hemmingsen, VP of Global HR, Siteimprove

  • Snapshot improvements

    Our tracking solution reveals the improvement of every employee in your organization. Follow them as they grow from onboarding to cross-boarding, etc.

  • Automated follow-up

    Our tracking solution is geared to automatically follow up on managers or employees who do not deliver the sufficient responses or data-quality to the platform.

  • Integrate with designs

    Our tracking solution can integrate with your designs and your employee-journey programs and intelligently improve them over time.

  • A professional track

    Our tracking solution pushes not only data, but also a solid theoretical framework, to your organisation - enabling your managers to work consistently with a data-centric framework.

  • Assistant

    Our tracking solution contains a digital assistant solution. The assistant is always available to your employee, pushing information, activiating resources, finding solutions or asking for feedback.

  • Activate them

    Our tracking solution is designed to be a continuous ressource to your employees. Tracking is not only a matter of collecting feedback, but also of suggesting activties that the employees can do on their own. They have loads of resources - and all the reason to activate them.

Explore the full platform

Our platform helps you optimize onboarding and people management to create better results, cultivate leadership, and build a thriving organization. And it’s proven to work.


Get insights

  • Check performance, current status, and progress in the overall score
  • Compare how departments and divisions, employees and teams rank
  • Measure by length of employment, compare gender, age group, and dimensions across departments
  • Review data to create and optimize your programs for different parts of your organization


Build and launch programs

  • Create best practice employee management programs in just a few clicks
  • Select from 100+ tried and tested activities
  • Tailor programs using your own wording, photos, videos, and activities
  • Create programs for different parts of your organization
  • Collaborate with managers to create programs and get feedback from your organization


Track improvement, get alerts and on-going dialouge

  • Improve internal communications with our Digital Dialogue report
  • Improve People Management across 6 dimensions and multiple time touchpoints
  • Automated sending and follow up of surveys and dialogue reports
  • Alerts of high and low scores to identify potential initiatives
  • Live analytics and feedback of your onboarding, People Progress, and KPI's
  • Run multiple programs across your organization