Design employee journeys that will wow! your people

Become an employee journey designer - and get a head start with best-practice templates and an extensive activity catalogue.

Be a designer

Create journeys and great experiences for your employees

Studio gives you tools to design and visualize programs for pre-boarding, onboarding, engagement, development, etc. You are the designer who can match it to your organization's needs.

Templates and content

Build your own library of reusable and combinable programs and activities

Studio comes with templates, activities, and best-practice activities that you can use to build your own library of content.

Frameworks and personalization

Find the optimal balance between theory, practice, standards, and personalization

Studio is built on a solid theoretical framework that you can use to validate your designs. From these professional standards, you can tune in to the individual and diverse needs of your people. 

Create and push

Go from ambition to live communication with your employees in a few clicks

Studio enables you to design and initiate interaction with your employees - directly on their mobile devices.

Co-create and improve

Upgrade your feedback loops and engage your managers deeper

Studio enables to you communicate with managers about the journeys of their employees - and provides you with insights into their priorities in practice.

Our managers are the ones driving change and making the difference. The insight from the solution helps them extend and strengthen their approach to onboarding and engagement of people and enables them to focus on the most important drivers

Henrik Fleron, HR Director, DSV Global Transport and Logistics

Other features

  • Ratings

    The Studio solution works with ratings. Activities in our library are rated by professionals in other organizations - and you can use the rating system to spot the favorite activities of your own company.

  • Ambitions

    The Studio solution works with ambitions. You can set your ambition e.g. for your onboarding efforts. This way you can use the solution to align strategic intentions around your design.

  • Manager engagement

    The Studio solution is designed to engage managers in the execution of the employee journey programs. Managers can interact and adjust programs to match local priorities.

  • Framework

    The Studio solution is based on a solid theoretical framework about the basic psychology of the employee journey. We provide you with six core dimensions to inspire your designs.

  • Assistant

    The Studio solution comes with a digital assistant who is always available to your employees - to push information, activate their own resources, find solutions, and ask for feedback.

  • Direct push

    The Studio solution comes with a function to push communication, activities, and surveys directly to your employees. With a few clicks, you can bring your designs to life.

Explore the full platform

Our platform helps you optimize onboarding and people management to create better results, cultivate leadership, and build a thriving organization. And it’s proven to work.


Get insights

  • Check performance, current status, and progress in the overall score
  • Compare how departments and divisions, employees and teams rank
  • Measure by length of employment, compare gender, age group, and dimensions across departments
  • Review data to create and optimize your programs for different parts of your organization


Build and launch programs

  • Create best practice employee management programs in just a few clicks
  • Select from 100+ tried and tested activities
  • Tailor programs using your own wording, photos, videos, and activities
  • Create programs for different parts of your organization
  • Collaborate with managers to create programs and get feedback from your organization


Track improvements, get alerts and on-going dialogue

  • Improve internal communications with our Digital Dialogue report
  • Improve People Management across 6 dimensions and multiple time touchpoints
  • Automated sending and follow up of surveys and dialogue reports
  • Alerts of high and low scores to identify potential initiatives
  • Live analytics and feedback of your onboarding, People Progress, and KPI's
  • Run multiple programs across your organization