Get deep data insights into the life cycle of your employee journey

Deep dive into data about your current onboarding, engagement, and offboarding efforts - and identify improvements and sources for success.

Understand your people

Measure how your employees experience their journey

Review gives you real-time data of all the stages of your employee journey from onboarding to offboarding - and gives you insight into improvement areas and areas of success.

Benchmark your efforts

Compare your company to industry standards

Review gives you insights into your time-to-performance, your overall ability to onboard and engage, insights into role differences, etc. - and lets you compare it all to a relevant benchmark.

Know the real risks

Catch them before they fall

Review enables you to point out the employees who are at risk of leaving you too early – including when they are at risk and what put them there.

Find the drivers

Find the key drivers of employee experience in your company culture

Review reveals what drives the best as well as the worst employee experiences across your organization - and indicates where to start utilizing and improving.

Share and mobilize

Empower your organization through ongoing knowledge sharing

Review enables you to produce easy-to-communicate reports to leaders and stakeholders across your organization and will lift their understanding of both the potential and the needed efforts to improve the employee journey.

The employee analysis-tool has created insights that we didn't have before and thereby already provided value to us. In 2020 we will work in a more structured way based on the analysis and build structured programs in the platform to secure better future results and initiate planned future follow-ups

Anders Thorup, Head of HR, Beierholm

Other features

  • Fast baseline

    Review can be conducted as a one-time measurement. With an easy and proven data process, you can get your baseline in a matter of weeks.

  • Across journeys

    Review covers different parts of the employee journey. Gain insights into your pre- and onboarding, your ability to engage, to offboard, etc.

  • Continuous improvement

    Review can easily be conducted with a rhythm of 6 or 12 months in order to measure progress or target the impact of specific efforts.

  • Minorities

    Review can reveal if there are minorities or specific diversities in your organization that need more of your attention.

  • Risks

    Review reveals where in your employee journeys there are special risks that can be valuable for you to manage.

  • 14 languages

    Review is operational in 14 languages and carries benchmark data from all over the world across industries.

Explore the full platform

Our platform helps you optimize onboarding and people management to create better results, cultivate leadership, and build a thriving organization. And it’s proven to work.


Get insights

  • Check performance, current status, and progress in the overall score
  • Compare how departments and divisions, employees and teams rank
  • Measure by length of employment, compare gender, age group, and dimensions across departments
  • Review data to create and optimize your programs for different parts of your organization


Build and launch programs

  • Create best practice employee management programs in just a few clicks
  • Select from 100+ tried and tested activities
  • Tailor programs using your own wording, photos, videos, and activities
  • Create programs for different parts of your organization
  • Collaborate with managers to create programs and get feedback from your organization


Track improvement, get alerts and on-going dialogue

  • Improve internal communications with our Digital Dialogue report
  • Improve People Management across 6 dimensions and multiple time touchpoints
  • Automated sending and follow up of surveys and dialogue reports
  • Alerts of high and low scores to identify potential initiatives
  • Live analytics and feedback of your onboarding, People Progress, and KPI's
  • Run multiple programs across your organization