Manage your employee journeys from start to finish

Get ready to mobilize the resources in your organization with everything from onboarding to engagement, and development to offboarding.

Review, design, track. Repeat. Welcome to a platform that will enable you to improve the employee journeys in your organization forever.


Get deep data insights into the life cycle of your employee journey

Measure. Get a detailed overview. Improve. Re-measure. Introducing a format that will lift your understanding of your organization to a whole new level.

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Design employee journeys that will wow! your people

Choose a template. Modify and tailor. Standardize. Personalize. Get feedback and improve. Welcome to a solution that will make you an awesome employee journey designer.

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Stay close to your employees on their journey

Get an overview with built-in alerts. Engage and train your organization. Track and integrate data. Introducing a super flexible approach to being close to your employees through their life in your organization.

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It's crucial that we use a framework that covers all relevant aspects of employee satisfaction and engagement – the solution accomplishes this, and we will use it both for onboarding and throughout the lifetime of our employees. 

Conni Falkner, COO, Njord Law Firm

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